LG TVs Price List in Dubai

Shot from SKU: 6542135

LG TVs are much in demand these days. In fact, they are one of the most sought after Television brands in the UAE, especially in the 3D TV and HD TV segment.

LG has a great legacy of making electronics, especially house hold items like fridge and Air Conditioners. With their brand new range of Televisions LG has proved that they are good with TVs as well.

Let’s take a look at all the LG TVs available in Dubai now.

LG – 47″ Class (44-9/10″ Diag.) – LED – 1080p – 120Hz – HDTV

This is a 47 inch LED TV with 1080 pixel resolution high definition imagery and all the latest peripheral connections.

Price: 2200 Dirhams

LG – 24″ Class (23-5/8″ Diag.) – LED – 720p – 60Hz – HDTV

The 24 inch LED TV which has lesser resolution of 720 pixels is a little more cheaper but has pretty much everything its better models has. We would recommend buying the better resolution TV rather than saving a few hundred Dirhams.

Price: 2000 Dirhams.

LG – 55″ Class (54-5/8″ Diag.) – LED – 1080p – 120Hz – HDTV

The 58 inches LED TV is a little more expensive with a price of 3500 Dirhams.

Lowest price LG TV is the LG – 24″ Class (23-5/8″ Diag.) – LED – 720p – 60Hz – HDTV.

It has pretty much the same configuration as the other models but the screen size is  smaller. Price is around 800 Dirhams.

Shopping Tip: Make sure that the TV you’re going to buy has enough ports for connectivity. Like HDMI and USB, because these days, media comes in different formats and you need to have a TV that supports them.