Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review & Price in Dubai

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is all set to hit the Dubai, UAE stores and buyers are all excited about buying it.
Its the most sexy tablet out so far according to gadget gurus, who easily proclaim it as the best Android Tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Android phone had already hit the markets and is a craze among Android lovers as clearly its display and overall look is very impressive compared to iPhone4 or other Android devices like the HTC Legend.

But the market competition is between two main players now in the tablet market.
One – The iPad and two, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Comparison – iPad v/s Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Display – Samsung Galaxy is 7 inches while iPad is 9.7 inches
Resolution – Samsung Galaxy Tablet is 1024×600 TFT resolution with 169ppi, while the Apple iPad is 1024×768 LED TFT screen.
Format - Samsung Galaxy Tablet runs on a 16:0 format while the Apple iPad runs at 4:3 format.
Operating System – Samsung Galaxy Tablet runs the latest Android 2.2 Froyo while the iPad is on iPhone OS3.2/4.0
Processor and Speed – Samsung Galaxy Tablet is at 1.06 GHX speed while the iPad is only at 1GHZ speed
Battery Life – Samsung Galaxy Tablet is clearly the better choice
Camera – Samsung Galaxy Tablet comes with a 3MP camera while the iPad doesn’t even have a camera
Video – Full HD Video player and recorder, which iPad misses
Memory and Storage – 16 and 32 GB just like iPad but with Micro SD card support that iPad doesn’t support.

Clearly, if you’re looking for value for money then its Samsung Galaxy Tablet but if you’re an Apple fanboy you have the iPad. But looks like many people are are stuck to this question. Which one to buy?

So what should you buy ? Samsung Galaxy Tablet or iPad ?

The bottom line is that iPad is the pioneer in tablets but Samsung Galaxy Tablet is the best competitor it can have today, with all the features being over the top of iPad, if you were to compare, Samsung Galaxy Tablet clearly beats everyone else.

And with a 7 inch display we think its a better devide that’s handy. Clever thinking from Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Now, where to buy it ?

Price of Samsung Galaxy Tablet in Dubai

Samsung GTP7500 Galaxy Tab Mobile Tablet 16GB White 10.1inch : 2699 Dirhams (Sharaf DG)
Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 16 GB Price: 3199 Dirhams (Jumbo)

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy Tablet in Dubai ?

All the major electronics stores like Sharaf DG and Emax and Jacky’s are selling them.

Samsung GTP7500 Galaxy Tab Mobile Tablet 16GB White 10.1inch Price AED 2,299.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G White AED 2,499.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G Silver AED 2,149.00

Shopping Tip: Try to get the lower capacity version if you want it cheap. That is 16GB version will be cheaper than the 32 GB version.

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