Top 5 Most Popular Smartphones in Dubai

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What’s the most popular product in any store today? Without doubt it is smart phones.

In Dubai and the UAE too, smart phones are the most popular products in any shop. In Dubai, there are several brands of smart phones available, right from the cheapest ones to the most costliest ones. Dubai is a peculiar market that is very different from the rest of the world. In a world, where Blackberries are trending down, Dubai and UAE still hold them strong. Same is the case with lesser known brands which are trending up and growing up to be a sizeable volume in the small and mid size market in Dubai.

Based on sales and popularity, here are the most sought after ones in this category.

Top 10 Smart phones in Dubai

Let’s take a look at the most popular smart phones in Dubai today.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4


Price: 2,299.00 Dirhams

2. Apple iPhone 5


Price: 2499 Dirhams

3. Blackberry Q10


Price: 2499 Dirhams

4. HTC One


Price: 2699 Dirhams

5. Google Nexus 4


Price: 1299 Dirhams

6. Sony Xperia Z


Price: 1999 Dirhams

7. Samsung Galaxy S3


Price: 1599 Dirhams

8. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


Price: 999 Dirhams

9. Nokia Lumia 920



Price: 1799 Dirhams

10. Blackberry Z10


Price: 2199 Dirhams

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