The Best & Cheap smartphones in Dubai, UAE


When there is more than one hundred phones in the market, it is easy to go crazy.

Especially when each of them are better than the other and the tech specifications are too broad. Here is a list of all the best reviewed and top rated smartphones available in UAE today.

The smartest of the smartphones in UAE.

1. The Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is clearly the winner among smart phones. With its amazing display screen, fast processor and glorious design, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the leader among smartphones. All vendors we spoke to says that this phone is definitely worth all the money.
Price in UAE: 2099 Dirhams

2. Apple iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone 4S is the other best smartphone you can buy. It sure is technologically advanced, but the regional taste prefers the Android powered Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple has the biggest and most loyal user base though.
Price in UAE: 2299 Dirhams

3. HTC One X

HTC has a distinctive style in designing their smartphones and the HTC One X is the best in the league. The 4.7 inch 720p HD display is sure to win hearts and the performance close enough to give the toppers in this league a competition. Surely fit to be in the third position, the HTC One X smartphone.
Price in UAE: 2300 Dirhams