Samsung Galaxy Beam Price in Dubai, UAE


This phone has got everybody’s head turning because of its projection capabilities. What the Samsung Galaxy Beam does is that it projects its contents through a projector on to any surface.

It is called a pico projector – and its true. The first of a kind from Samsung.

The projector works well in dark environments and the picture quality is not as good as it might look like on a normal projector but that is not intended here right? This projector phone is for those who wants to project media in an emergency situation, like getting bored?

The pico projector lens sits on the top of the Galaxy Beam so it can shine the phone’s contents straight out, like a flashlight.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread gives the Samsung’s Galaxy Beam life as a smartphone, with the standard-issue Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, mapping, search, and communication features for text, e-mail, and multimedia messaging. Google’s services like voice Navigation, Places, and YouTube help define it as an Android phone, and there are the basics like a browser, a clock, a calendar, a calculator, and a music player. The Galaxy Beam has Swype as a virtual keyboard option.

It is a perfect solution when you want to “beam” your presentation to the wall or when you want to watch a movie with friends in the room.

Samsung Galaxy Beam Price in Dubai UAE: 2000 Dirhams