Mobile phone price in Dubai–Where to get the best deals?

Want to get the best price for mobiles in Dubai, you’re at the right place. Dubai is the right place when it comes to buying mobiles for cheap. Because there are no taxes on such products, Dubai has the cheapest mobile phones in the region.

Many people even travel to Dubai for getting the best price for mobile phones. Some people also buy mobiles in bulk and take then to their countries to sell at a profit. The fact that its easy to buy all kinds of mobile phones in Dubai, also adds to the list.

Cheapest mobile phone deals in Dubai

So, let’s say you want to buy a mobile, the new iPhone4G. now, how do you go about buying it ? If you go to the leading mobile stores will you get the best price? Yes they might give you the best price, but it will take a lot of bargaining and you will need to buy in bulk.

What if you wanted to buy 3-4 mobile phones just for your family and friends ? Where do you get the best price?
The answer is research. Even, we won’t be able to give you the exact one place where you get the best and cheapest price for mobile phones in Dubai.


Where to get the best price for Mobile phone?

The reason is that there is no one single place. There are several places. If you go to the streets of Bur Dubai, and enquire in the small dingy electronic shops there, you’ll get a very good deal. But the catch is that there won’t be any company guarantee on the product. The vendors there will give you lot of promises for guarantee but you should understand that its not company guarantee.(If you can get one, great!) The interesting thing is that these vendors will repair your mobile device also cheaper than the original mobile company later.

So, next if you go to the stores like Jacky’s and Sharaf DG, you will get the listed prices. This will be generally slightly higher than the Bur Dubai electronic shop prices but the mobile phone device will come with company guarantee.

So, in order to get the best deals, you go to the classifeds. Website lke dubizzle and emirates avenue. These websites have grey market sellers in there who sell mobile phone devices at a cheaper price than anywhere else in Dubai. No guarantee on the device or guarantees but generally the vendor has a reputation to hold on to, so they help you with everything and make sure you have no issues purchasing from him.