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Well the rumor mills are churning already. Apple iPhone 5 will be coming soon worldwide and Dubai and UAE as well, as early as October 2012. Its speculated that the form factor will be different, technical specs and hardware upgraded but not revolutionary. Prices are predicted to be around the same as iphone 4, not much higher. We predict that the price for iPhone5 in Dubai would be around AED 3000 for sure at least in the beginning – if the rumors are to be believed.

Update 1: Sep 12, 2012

Our friends in the U.S are reporting that there is lot of activity at the Apple stores in San Francisco, and there are people getting ready to stand in line even before the launch date is announced.

Update 2: Sep 13, 2012

There are also rumours that the new iPhone5 is going to be taller, slimmer and with more screen space according to some leaked pictures. We are unsure if the iPhone5 will be available in the UAE immediately after the UAS release though – which is speculated to be around October first week.

Update 3: Sep 15, 2012

How to buy the iPhone 5 from USA to UAE

iPhone 5 is now available to pre-order online from USA. It will hit the stores on 21st. If you pre-order online, it will take up to two weeks to get it shipped to your home. Pre-Ordering is available only to US citizens though. While you pre-order, you have to provide the social security number. Also, the iPhone5 is not unlocked, so even if you buy it from US now, you cannot use it in the UAE.

If you have your relatives or friends in the US, you can ask them to pre-order the iPhone5 online here.  The cost is $199 + deposit, which is roughly 750 Dirhams (excluding deposit) with a  two years contract. But getting this phone in UAE is not going to help you as you cannot use it here in the UAE. (Unless someone finds out how to unlock the iPhone5.)

We have our reporters in USA, who can help you get an iPhone5 (regular, not unlocked) after Sep 21st, just in case you want to try it. The cost will be 4000 Dirhams (including deposit and shipping charges.) Do contact us for details.

We all know the iPhone was an avalanche, a huge phenomenon but will the iPhone 5 have a similar effect? Considering the Android storm and even the iPad craze, will iPhone 5 still sell millions in its first month in Dubai? For sure.

iPhone 5 will not be available in Dubai as its worldwide release but we hear that it won’t be late as in earlier days. The demand in iPhone5 users in Dubai has gone up in recent years and this is the reason for the supply.

Apple has captured imagination, they have done a lot of good things to this industry. We need innovators like them to keep up the technical expertise level. Apple was sleeping and late to the phone segment yet they way they entered made other phone manufacturers look like they have been sleeping all this while!

Where shall iPhone5 be available in Dubai to buy?

Mostly, the grey market will open up first as usual. Imported iPhone 5 devices from Thailand and China will hit Dubai first but the official carriers Du and Etisalat will bring in the offers soon beating it in price. Details regarding the contract is not available at the moment but we are told that it will be almost as similar to the iPhone 4 contracts we had in Dubai last year.

iPhone 5 prices in Dubai, UAE

Lastly, the most important question. How much will the iPhone 5 cost in Dubai? We are thinking around the lines of AED 2000 – 3000. But the initial prices are definitely going to be around AED 4000. Rumors from sources tell us that the price for iPhone 5 would be closely similar to the above. For a sexy device that is a good amount to pay.

Sources also tell us that the carriers Etisalat and du are also planning a contract based pricing strategy that will have the buyer pay an initial chunk of amount (about AED 1500) and then pay the rest in monthly contracts.

We have high expectations for iPhone 5, we hope to see one before December this year!

If any of you hear anything more about the Apple iPhone 5 in Dubai, let us know and share here.

Pre-Ordering/Booking iPhone5 in Dubai

We are watching the market very closely, actually by the minute to be precise, to see what are the first options to get our hands on the iPhone 5. So far, pre bookings aren’t open but you can be the first to know when the iPhone 5 devices hits Dubai. For this, all you have to do is Like us on Facebook, and you’ll be the first to be updated.

Update: We have decided to create a first come first serve information give out scenario for the iPhone5 sale in Dubai, so if you would like to be the first few to be knowing when the device hits the city, just drop us a line below using the contact form stating your contact number and name.

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  1. Melanie M. Martinez


    I’m living here in Dubai, I just want to know, how can I get an iphone 5 for me, i mean since its not yet release here I want to pre-order.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you very much!

  2. Adil Ahmad

    Hi Iam Adil Ahmad From Afghanistan Ilike Iphone5 Please Send The Price Very Soon Ilike Iphone5

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