HTC Desire X Review & Price in Dubai, UAE


The all new HTC Desire X smartphone has launched in Dubai, UAE and is already making the fans want one badly. As with all the new HTC series phones, there is a well balance between sound, display, media and work here.

Built-in Beats Audio on the HTC X, delivers uncompromised, studio-quality sound that are a treat to listen to. If you can get a beats headphone, that will be awesome!

It is powerful in function too. With a dual core power chip, this guy is pretty amazing with speed and multi tasking. The brilliant four-inch display is amazing with its LED Amoled features and can be used both indoors and outdoors pretty much the same way.

The camera also stands out on the HTC Desire X. Although it is only 5 Megapixel, which is not too much when compared to the ones like Nokia 808 Pureview, does an impressive job. It takes pictures with the same clarity and vividness as a regular DSLR pic. However, we would like to see some improvements in this area.

Overall, the HTC Desire X is a stunner. With its fluid performance, amazing music quality and great web browsing support, it is a good device for both workaholics and music lovers. There is a good amount of criticism among early stage users that the device heats up a little during prolonged media usage or internet browsing. Well, it is something to work on.

For the price the HTC Desire X is a great device to own.

Technical Specifications

Display – 4-inch super LCD

Resolutions – 800 x 480 (WVGA)

Memory – 4GB(Expandable), RAM:768MB

Platform – Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.0a

Processor – 1 GHz, Dual-core

Sensors – G-Sensor, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor

Camera – 5 megapixel camera

Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, DLNA, 3.5mm Connector

GPS – Internal GPS Antenna

HTC Desire X Price in Dubai UAE – 1069 Dirhams

Available in all leading stores in Dubai including Sharaf DG, Jumbo and Jacky’s.