Samsung Ultrabooks Price in Dubai (All Models)


Ultrabooks are much in fashion these days. They are a more compact  version of laptops that does more precise things like surfing the web easily and using basic applications like MS Word and Office. Laptops carry a lot of unnecessary programs with them that they are difficult to operate.

For instance, if you switch on a typical laptop, it takes 3-5 minutes to start up and load. People are finding it pretty un-productive these days. While, everybody needs something as useful and portable as a laptop, they want better processing speeds and ease of work as well.

Ultrabooks come in here. They are portable as laptops, but are more lighter, faster and easy to use.

Samsung has come out with a good series of ultrabooks in the UAE. Let’s take a look.

Things to consider before buying an Ultrabook.

– Check if the processor speed is what you actually wanted.

There are several processing speeds, but the ones at the top can be really costly. Unless you want to spend that much money, go for a medium range that can do the job quite well.

– Think of your budget.

Ultrabooks can be costlier than a typical laptop. So think about it wisely.

– Storage space.

Since these days, everything is going cloud based, you don’t need too much space. Also, too much data stored like media can slow down performance significantly. So don’t look for storage space like you would look for in a desktop on a laptop.

Samsung Ultrabooks in UAE

Samsung 13inch Ultra Book

Features – 256GB, 4GB, Core i7, Win 8, Black color.

This is one of the better performing Ultrabooks from Samsung. It has a good memory, good amount of RAM, a Core i7 processor and a sleek design. Samsung really takes the cake with the sleek design compared to other brands. Built with a substance called Duralumin, this Ultrabook weighs really less when compared to other brands.

Price: 5699 Dirhams

Samsung – Series 9 15inch Ultrabook

Features –  15″ Laptop – 8GB Memory – 128GB Solid State Drive

This is another great Ultrabook from Samsung series 9. with great power, performance and speed. A bit on the expensive side though, it has a bigger screen of 17 inches.

Price: 5138 Dirhams

What Ultrabooks don’t have.

– Most of them will not have DVD drives.
– External webcams.

Are you planning to buy one?