Google Chromebook Pixel Revealed


Want something better than the MacBook Pro Air – well at least in the looks? The Google Chromebook Pixel laptop is your answer. Google revealed the Chromebook Pixel (lovingly called “The Pixel”) the other day and it sure did impress quote a lot of tech folks. Why? Let’s take a look.

Looks and Feel

The Google Chromebook Pixel looks like a well designed, pixel perfect device. It will give Apple designers envy for sure, because the kind of intricate detailing that’s done on the Google Chromebook is amazing!
The edges are well rounded and cut to perfection and feels good to be held in the hands.

The Chromebook Pixel is light weight, rigid and strong – a rare combination but successful one to have. It measures 16mm (0.62 inch) in thickness and 1.52kg in weight. Now, that’s super lightweight!

The processor is a dual-core Intel 1.8GHz Core i5 chip and is paired with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The laptop has some very powerful speakers built in, but you will not find them in the first glance. Google claims that it has packed in active noise cancellation technology into the device that you won’t even hear the typing noise when in a conversation.

Display & Battery Life

The Chrombook Pixel has a 12.85-inch, 2,560 x 1,700 IPS LCD panel display which stands very near to the MacBook Pro’s retina display. Google estimates the 59Wh battery will provide “up to” five hours of continuous use on the Pixel – that’s pretty commendable, we’d say.

Overall Performance

“The Pixel” is a great innovation when considering the first Chromebook that Google had revealed years back. But it is very limited in performance, because the Chrome OS is limited in itself. When considering the vastness and opportunities of a normal desktop, the Chromebook has significant shortcomings. We do not see people craving for it, other than for those who wants a nice fancy, good looking, thin and light weight laptop to carry around at conferences.

But this is a great step in Chromebooks from Google.

Google Chromebook Dubai & UAE Price

Not officially released yet, but the price is expected to be around 9000 Dirhams.