Dell Alienware M15x Gaming Laptop Price Dubai UAE

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Dell Alienware M15x Gaming Laptop Price Dubai UAE

Dell Alienware M15x is the most powerful 38.1cm (15") Gaming Laptop in the Universe.

Available with your choice of advanced NVIDIA and ATI Graphics including the NVIDIA GTX 260M GPU.

Featuring the latest Mobile Intel processors including upgrade options to the Core i7 920XM Extreme Edition!

M15x Screen 15.4 inches resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Intel core i7 920 QM 1.60GHz with turbo boost of 2.80GHz
4GB Ram 1600MHz
250GB Hard Drive 7200RPM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M 1GB Graphic Card

Take control of the game once and for all with the Alienware ® M15x, the universe’s most powerful 38.1cm (15“) gaming laptop. Grab the reins of this 38.1cm (15“) powerhouse with blazing-fast graphics, the latest in processor technology and Hi- def capabilities all in a devilishly sleek design. Sit back and enjoy the ride — gaming will never be the same.

The Future of Processing

The new Intel® Core™ i7 mobile processors will take you even further with features like Intel’s Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies that power through games, multimedia applications and your daily routine all at the same time.

Dell Alienware M15x Gaming Laptop Price Dubai UAE: 7800 Dirhams

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