Asus Laptops Price in Dubai UAE


Asus Laptops are known for their economical prices and performance. Most of Asus laptops are great in performance and devoid of fancy features like touchscreen or super dvd writer drives. They strike a balance between technology and price.

Though many people think of Asus laptops as cheap, when you compare the features to other brands in the category, you’ll find that Asus laptops are ahead in many ways.

Let us take a look at all the Asus laptop models available in the UAE today.

Asus N55SL-S1050V Laptop: 5000 Dirhams

Asus K55VM-SX086D Laptop: 3500 Dirhams

Asus K53SM-SX130D Laptop : 4000 Dirhams

Asus K Series K73SV-TY455D Laptop : 4200 Dirhams

Asus K53SM-SX010D Laptop :3400 Dirhams

Asus U32U-RX012D Laptop : 2200 Dirhams

Asus X54C-SX316D Laptop : 2000 Dirhams

Asus X54C-SX365D Laptop : 1900 Dirhams

Asus X53U-SX181D Laptop : 1800 Dirhams

Where to buy Asus Laptops in Dubai UAE?

Asus laptops are available in all the leading electronic stores in Dubai UAE. However, we recommend you buy it from Sharaf DG or Jumbo Electronics as they have exclusive deals on Asus laptops.

Make sure that you get the warranty card when you buy Asus laptops because they are very important when it comes to getting damages repaired. And Asus is very good with customer service if you have bought genuine devices. So make sure you get the genuine devices all the time.

  • Clive Wykes

    Can you tell me what the duty free price is for a
    ASUS transformer Book Trio 201La, with the following characteristics:
    i7-4500U processor
    i5-4200U porcessor

    with 4GB RAM or 8 GB RAM

    HDD 500 GB