Sony Smartwatch Review & Price in Dubai


From the very early times watches have always represented style and status symbol .The Sony smartwatch is uniquely designed keeping in mind how gadget lovers have strong attraction towards distinctive wearable timepieces that woes the interest of everyone around them. This sleek and stylish smart watch is simply a blend of an OLED computer that is run on a watch. The small clip on the device helps to connect your phone via Bluetooth and also offers a wide range of wireless function including call handling, Facebook messages, upcoming calendar items and lots more.

Sony Smartwatch Highlights

Powered by Android software, the Sony smartwatch weighs .55-ounce and measures 1.4 by 1.4 by 0.3 inch (HWD). Compared to 1.2-ounce Motorola MotoActv and 1.92-ounce MetaWatch Strata Stealth the Sony smartwatch is relatively lighter and as such can be considered very portable. You could say this smart watch is more in line with Apple’s pint-size iPod Nano which weighs 0.7 ounce and measures 1.5 inches by 1.6 inches by 0.35 inch. Unlike Motorola’s MotoActv, here the smartwatch is not running the Android itself and doesn’t have any user-accessible, onboard storage. It’s a terminal rather than a computer. The smart watch with its features, functionality and the arrival of additional software makes this an alluring accessory to possess.

Sony Smartwatch Technical Features

The Sony SmartWatch has a square shaped dial made of white plastic with chromed edges and a button on the side. This comes with a nice and durable rubber watchband which is available in six different fun colors. The strap is surprisingly comfortable providing sufficient grip and is easier to buckle into position unlike the traditional rubber strap.

The 1.3-inch OLED screen takes up the entire front face and has a display resolution of 128-by-128-pixel. You have got a glossy white surface coating on the back of the device and appended on it is a flat spring-loaded clip that can be used to pin the smart watch. If you do not require the strap then you have the option to clip it onto a bag strap or to clothes. They have provided a standby/ power button on the external face that gives it a classy and simple look. The proprietary charge and sync plug lies underneath the rear clip and a micro USB plug has also been provided.

The smart phone requires a bluetooth connection with an Android phone to perform its functions including handling of calls, Missed Call Notification or music controls. The smartwatch runs a free app called LiveWare Manager that helps you download other plug-ins from the Android Market. Other smartwatch applications can be accessed once you have installed the Smart Connect app. Some of the more interactive apps include a music handler, a remote phone ringer, and a Google Maps app .This watch is compatible with only a handful of Android phones that includes Sony Xperia as well as other competing manufacturers. 

While using the touch screen you can observe that one has to tackle with the limited space available. Some touch screen gestures, like pinch to exit, are really awkward to execute, while others, like double-taps and swipes, work perfectly well. One might require practice to get used to App user interfaces but again each individual reacts to those commands differently but that would be corrected in time.

Sony Smartwatch Drawbacks

The smartwatch is a very attractive device but it’s a little disappointing to see the display wash away on exposure to sunlight thereby making it difficult to read. Here again the software is extremely basic and low resolution screen cannot advantageous from users point of view.


The Sony smart watch is definitely a product that distinguishes itself by being a combination of a phone and tech watch. But this device is truly to the taste of tech savvy consumers and may not be of interest to all. But people who find it difficult to carry their mobile or are inclined to misplace it may find it easier to hold on to it once this Android watch is tied on to one’s wrist.

Price in Dubai: Not revealed yet, watch out this space for updates.