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Style, Quality, Fun – This is how we can define the Skullcandy brand.

With its amazing range of headphones and ear plugs, Skull Candy has the best quality audio out there. They are the best when it comes to style, quality and technology.

The Skull Candy headphones come custom styled with the highest-grade materials, and list of world class features that has even the DJ elite drooling.

The biggest one in the league is this one.

Skullcandy Mix Master w/ Mic Over Ear Headphone

This headset comes packed with our Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs – a pure audio experience worthy of any genre. Skull Candy Mix Master is a technology marvel and a hot item among the DJ community.

Features (UAE Version)
  • Supreme Sound delivers Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals and Precision Highs
  • Mute button lets you silence the boom
  • Coiled Cable
  • MM travel carry case stores your assets

This product will cost you 1300 Dirhams, and will guarantee you that there is no other matching headphones money can buy.

Skullcandy Aviators Price in Dubai : 700 Dirhams


This headphones has an awesome retro look to it with the Aviator shape and the brown-tan color shade. Superior quality sound with amazing style!

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