Sony Camera Handycam Price in UAE (All models)

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When it comes to handycams, Sony cannot make a mistake. Its what you will find on 80% of handy cam users hand. Sony is a major player when it comes to handy cams and there is a reason.

They have an amazing range of handy cameras and each of them fits the demand so well. Here are all the Sony handycam models and their price list available in Dubai UAE.

There might be variations in price at different locations, so please check with your local store for their availability and exact MRP.

However, below listed are the maximum retail price for Sony Handycams in Dubai, UAE.

Sony HDR-XR160E Video Camera price in Dubai – AED 3162 Dirhams

Sony DCR-SR20E/S Handycam Price – AED 1551 Dirhams


Sony DCR-SX20EK Handycam Price – AED 1027 Dirhams



Sony DCR-SX45E/S Handycam Price – AED 1264 Dirhams


Sony HDR-CX150E Handycam Price – AED 2371 Dirhams

Sony HDR-XR500E Handycam Price –AED 3953 Dirhams

Sony HDR-XR550E Handycam Price – AED 4744 Dirhams

Sony HDR-PJ50E Handycam Price – AED 4744 Dirhams

Sony HDR-XR150E Handycam Price – AED 3162 Dirhams

Sony DCR-SR87E Handycam Price – AED 2371 Dirhams

Sony HDR-XR100E Handycam Price – AED 2371 Dirhams

Sony DCR-SR47E Handycam Price – AED 2271 Dirhams

Sony DCR-SR67E Handycam Price – AED 1897 Dirhams

Sony DCR-SX63E Handycam Price – AED 1897 Dirhams

Sony DCR-SX44E Handycam Price – AED 1185 Dirhams

Sony HDR-CX100E Handycam Price – AED 2171 Dirhams


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  • Hassan

    I need to buy a Sony camcorder model F 3 K

  • Sharif

    Thanks for the information.
    Now am looking for this spare.

    Model number: UDMA 306 X46
    MB/S (write)
    Capacity :16 GB ( 72 MINUTS)

    And suitable card reader.

    If u have ? U know where I can get this. Please inform me,

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