Nikon D7100 Price in Dubai & Review


In order to stay ahead in the competition and capture a good market share Nikon has modernized its product to suit the requirements of its users. After making slight improvement on The Nikon D7000, the company has managed to come out with the D7100 which has the all the features to capture an increasingly competitive crowd. Earlier Cannon was only brand that Nikon had to worry about with regard to advanced amateur SLRs. But today Pentax and Sony are other competitors with very good cameras that are sturdily built and capable of shooting good photos at great speed.

Nikon D7100 Product Highlights

The Nikon D7100 is a DSLR camera with a 24.1-megapixel (MP) DX-format image sensor and no optical low-pass filter. This is an improvement over the earlier version D7000 which measures 16.2MP but slightly behind Sony Alpha SLT-A77V which is rated at 24.3MP. With an an ISO range of 100-25600, and a 2,016-pixel 3D Colour Matrix metering system the camera comes with 1229 k dot 3.2-inch LCD screen, and dual memory card slots. With more efficient design Nikon has managed to improve the readout speed over the D7000.

They have also given attention to improve noise reduction in order to upgrade to the current Expeed 3 image-processing engine. D7100 which weighs 23.8ounces and measures (est) 5.3 x 4.2 x 3.0 inches is lighter and thinner than Nikon D7000 which weighs and measures 27.3 and 5.2 x 4.2 x 3.0 respectively.

Nikon D7100 Features

The Nikon D7100 shares the same resolution as the D5200,but this time the latest version has used a new and different sensor that lacks an optical low-pass filter (OLPF).This is more like the anti aliasing filter which has been seen in the Pentax K-5 IIs. The idea behind removing the filter is to increase the sharpness of the native images without introducing the types of artifact you get when sharpening in post. The Nikon has introduced a 1.3x crop mode for an effective 2x crop factor and thereby producing 15.4-megapixel image. In this mode, continuous-shooting speed rises to about 7 frames per second and you able to view 1080/60i/50i image in movie mode.

The main object of viewfinder and LCD is to increase the sharpness of the image produced. The optical aspects of the viewfinder are effectively the same, but the readout now uses an OLED display for higher-contrast text. The LCD’s not articulated, but larger and much higher-resolution. Nikon also claims to have changed the auto focus system to include centerpoint sensitivity up to f8 and faster. This is good news for serious telephoto shooters who want to produce sharp and clear images. Improvements have been made to the contrast (Live View) autofocus in order to change the pulsing that that appears when focused on a stationary subject during movie shooting.

The company has also added an intriguing spot-white-balance feature, available only in Live View mode. But this would have  been great if it was like an eyedropper which would automatically choose a color to calibrate against. Some additional features include a two-shot, tripod-free automatic HDR and expanding the exposure bracketing to up to five shots +/- 3 EV. As far as connectivity goes, there are USB / Video Out and HDMI ports as well as accessory terminals for the connection of an external microphone and either wired remote or a GPS unit, and a new headphone jack for monitoring audio . It also has an Inbuilt stereo-microphone for improved sound quality

Nikon D7100 Drawbacks

D7100 is seen using an optical low-pass filter (OLPF) which is intended to improve the sharpness of images. But the downside of using this OLPF senor is that it softens the images slightly, and this has to be addressed by sharpening the image post-capture. Again when you look at the battery life of Nikon D7100 it is estimated to last for 950 shots which is less as compared to the previous model D7000 which can produce 1050 shots. But this wouldn’t be an issue for a camera with 24.1-megapixel image sensor   that is capable of producing good images.

Nikon D7100 Price in Dubai UAE

Nikon D7100 offers good performance and one can benefit with a high pixel count .But even with the omission of low pass filter the resultant image quality is not massively better than a digital SLR that can be bought at the half the price. Even though DSLR cameras may look expensive but they are quite useful models for amateurs who fancy themselves as professional photographers.

Nikon D7100 Price: 4407 Dirhams

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