Nikon D5200 Price in Dubai & Review


Nikon D5100 is a camera with good photo and video quality but a small drawback with regard to its slow performance had tarnished its image. Focusing on this problem Nikon has come out with an improved version of its previous model, the Nikon D5200.The new camera has the same new autofocus and metering systems that was introduced in D600 with an updated higher-end viewfinder. With these changes it’s possible to take beautiful and accurate pictures in a wide variety of lighting conditions

Nikon D5200 Product Highlights

The Nikon D5200 with its EXPEED 3 processing engine has a CMO sensor of 24.1 million effective pixels. It has sensitivity range of ISO 100-6400.Again if the light levels are low this can be expanded upwards to the equivalent of ISO 25,600. Like the Nikon D3100, this camera too has a Live View mode. This unique feature allows you to zoom into the frame to check for sharpness in the selected area. This model has a 39-point autofocus sensor, with a central block of nine cross-type points for increased sensitivity. This is the same autofocus sensor that is spotted in the Nikon D7000 and is very sophisticated for a reasonable price. Professional photographers find this feature very attractive as it enables them to shoot pictures at a maximum continuous rate of 5fps.

Nikon D5200 Review : Features & Details

The Nikon D5200 is a DSLR camera that can record Full 1080p HD movies at 1920×1280 pixels or 50i/60i with stereo sound. It enables smoother footage of moving subjects, and gives scope for creating slow motion movies.The high-resolution 3-inch vari-angle LCD monitor makes it possible to capture pictures from different angles. Exposure and dynamic range look good. Although the camera tends to produce gloomy exposures but the recoverable highlight and shadow detail are in line. This camera reproduces images with brighter colors and solid accuracy. Here the default color settings don’t over push contrast or saturation. The only difference between the standard and neutral settings seems to be sharpness.

The D5200 camera has an optical sensor of 15.6 x 23.6 and is supported by an image stabilization feature that helps to prevent images from being blurry .The performance of the D5200 has improved considerably with the updating of auto focus system. When the camera switches on, it’s capable of shooting in about 0.3 second. It takes about 0.5 second to focus, expose and shoot in good lighting while it takes 0.8 sec in poor lighting scenarios. It has 16 shooting modes available like night portrait, Party/indoor, beach/snow, food etc. and special effects including Portrait, Miniature, Landscape, Silhouette etc .For images that are already captured the Nikon D5200 offers a broad range of retouching tools, including red-eye correction, trimming, colour adjustments, image resizing, , in-camera raw processing, quick auto retouching, miniature effect, and perspective control..With the help of these programs one need not depend on specialized computer programs or plug-ins to achieve the desired effect.

The Nikon D5200 is powered by a proprietary EN-EL14 Lithium-ion battery and records the images and videos on SD, SDHC, SDXC cards. It also houses accessory terminals and ports for USB, A/V and the wireless adapters (optional accessories). The Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a allows transferring images wirelessly to smart phones and tablets. It has a GP-1 unit which records the exact location of the camera when a picture is taken .The D5200 is one of the few DSLRs to have stereo microphones and speakers in its segment.  This camera is also compatible with the optional WR-R10 Wireless Remote transceiver and WR-T10 Wireless Remote transmitter. Using this you can control key camera functions from a distance.

Nikon D5200 Drawbacks

The still and motion image quality of Nikon D5200 is not as good as its previous version D5100.Even though they have added a new sensor and updated image-processing engine it’s still not up to the mark. Again the lack of an autofocus motor in the camera also tends to limit the users lens-selection flexibility.

Nikon D5200 Price in Dubai

Nikon describes the D5200 as a camera designed for ‘advanced amateurs’ who are looking for a step-up from a basic budget model. With performance and manual image controls in high quality DSLRs the Nikon D5200 provides its users the convenience of smart phone camera systems that is unbeatable in the market.

Price: 4025 Dirhams
Availability: Sharaf DG