Dubai Duty Free Price List (All Electronic Brands)


Dubai Duty Free is one of the places where you can get electronic gadgets for lesser price than anywhere else. Not just electronic gadgets but even alcohol, jewelry, handicrafts and a whole range of stuff are exclusively available in Dubai duty free shopping.

Here is an entire list of electronic shopping items available in Dubai Duty Free Airport.

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Digital Cameras – CANON


Canon EOS 5D Mark II w/ 24-105L IS Lens 12,995.00 Dirhams
Canon EOS 550D 18-55 IS Lens Kit with 4GB SD Card + Case 3,595.00 Dirhams
Canon 600D with 18-55 IS II Lens 3,999.00 Dirhams
Canon EOS 1100D 18-55 IS II Lens Kit 2,395.00 Dirhams

Digital Cameras – CASIO


Casio EXiLiM EX G1 digital Still Camera 1,199.00 Dirhams
Casio EX Z2300 digital Still Camera 799.00 Dirhams
Casio EX ZS5 digital Still Camera 449.00 Dirhams

FUJI Cameras


Fuji FX XP20 digital Still Camera 899.00 Dirhams
Fuji FX T200 digital Still Camera 699.00 Dirhams
Fuji FX JX400 digital Still Camera 599.00 Dirhams

KODAK Cameras


Kodak M577 digital Still Camera 899.00 Dirhams
Kodak M531 digital Still Camera 499.00 Dirhams

NIKON Digital Cameras


Nikon Coolpix P500 digital Still Camera 1,799.00 Dirhams
Nikon d90 SLR kit with 18-105 Lens Kit 4,699.00 Dirhams
Nikon d5000 dSLR with 18-55 Lens + 8GbSd Card & CS 2,999.00 Dirhams
Nikon d3000 Kit dSLR Camera 2,499.00 Dirhams

OLYMPUS Digital Cameras


Olympus E-P1 digital Still Camera 1.599.00 Dirhams
Olympus XZ-1 digital Still Camera 2,499.00 Dirhams
Olympus TG610 digital Still Camera 1,499.00 Dirhams
Olympus VG120 digital Still Camera 499.00 Dirhams



Panasonic dMC G10 14-42mm + 45-200mm digital Still Camera 2,999.00 Dirhams
Panasonic dMC FP7 digital Still Camera 899.00 Dirhams
Panasonic dMC TZ20 digital Still Camera 999.00 Dirhams
Panasonic dMC FH2 digital Still Camera 649.00 Dirhams

SAMSUNG Digital Cameras


Samsung NX1000 digital CS Camera 1,999.00 Dirhams
Samsung Wb850F digital Still Camera 1,499.00 Dirhams
Samsung Wb150F digital Still Camera 899.00 Dirhams
Samsung dV300F digital Still Camera 849.00 Dirhams

SONY Digital Cameras


Sony NEX-5a dS Camera with 16mm Lens 2,499.00 Dirhams
Sony Cybershot TX10 digital Still Camera 1,399.00 Dirhams
Sony Cybershot WX10 digital Still Camera 1,199.00 Dirhams
Sony Cybershot H70 digital Still Camera 1,199.00 Dirhams


Monster Beats Pro Headphones 1,815.00 Dirhams
Monster Turbine Pro Gold Headset 1,330.00 Dirhams
Monster Beat Box 1,815.00 Dirhams
Sennheiser MM550 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones 1,599.00 Dirhams
Sennheiser PXC360B Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones 1,509.00 Dirhams


Canon Legria HF M46 Camcorder 2,195.00 Dirhams
Canon Legria HF R28 Camcorder 1,695.00 Dirhams
Sony DCRSX63 SD Flash Camcorder 1,249.00 Dirhams
Sony HDD DCRSR88 Camcorder 1,799.00 Dirhams
Sony HDRCX110 HD Flash Camcorder 1,599.00 Dirhams
JVC GZMG 750 Camcorder 1,399.00 Dirhams
JVC GZMG 760 Camcorder 1,599.00 Dirhams
JVC GZMG 230 Camcorder 1,099.00 Dirhams
Panasonic HDCSDT750 3D Camcorder 3,999.00 Dirhams


Apple Macbook Pro MD313 13” Laptop 5,395.00 Dirhams
Apple Macbook Pro MD314 13” Laptop 6,795.00 Dirhams
Apple Macbook Pro MD318 15” Laptop 8,295.00 Dirhams
Apple Macbook Pro MD322 15” Laptop 9,795.00 Dirhams
Apple Macbook Air MC968 11” 64GB Laptop 4,299.00 Dirhams
Apple Macbook Air MC965 13” 128GB Laptop 5,599.00 Dirhams

Gaming Consoles

Nintendo 3DS / 1 Game 1,299.00 Dirhams
Nintendo Wii Black Console / 1 Game Package 999.00 Dirhams
Nintendo DSI XL Console / 2 Games 980.00 Dirhams
Nintendo Wii Fit Plus 599.00 Dirhams
Sony PS3 320GB Starterpack 1,449.00 Dirhams

Mp3 players

Apple iPod Nano 8GB Generation 6 549.00 Dirhams
Apple iPod Nano 16GB Generation 6 649.00 Dirhams
Apple iPod Touch 8GB MC540 Generation 4 799.00 Dirhams
Apple iPod Touch 32GB MC544 Generation 4 1,295.00 Dirhams
Apple iPod Touch 64GB MC547 Generation 4 1,695.00 Dirhams
Samsung YP RO 8GB MP3 Player 439.00 121.94 Dirhams
Sony NWZS545 16GB MP4 Player 649.00 Dirhams

Mobile phones

Apple iPhone4S 16GB 2,999.00 Dirhams
Blackberry 9790 Bold GSM Phone 1,899.00 Dirhams
Blackberry 9900 GSM Phone 2,399.00 Dirhams
LG P920 Optimus 3D GSM Phone 2,699.00 Dirhams
Motorola Atrix GSM Phone 2,299.00 Dirhams
Nokia X7 GSM Phone 1,794.00 Dirhams
Samsung I9100 Galaxy SII GSM Phone 2,299.00 Dirhams
Sony Ericsson Xperia NEO MT15I GSM Phone 1,799.00 Dirhams
Vertu Cons Ayxta BLK 23.370.00 Dirhams
Vertu Ti Nero Ferrari Assoluto LTD EDTN 40,700.00 Dirhams
Vertu Cons AXT Pink 25.115.00 Dirhams
Vertu Cons PureSilver LTD EDT 30,200.00 Dirhams
Vertu Signature S 42.140.00 Dirhams
Vertu Cons Anni Ceris 19,135.00 Dirhams
Vertu Cons Rococo Scarlet 23,370.00 Dirhams

VIDEO & DVD Players

Kodak D1030 10”Digital Photo Frame 599.00 Dirhams
Samsung Photo Frame SPF 1000P 10 Inch 669.00 Dirhams
Sony Digital Photo Frame DPFD92 549.00 Dirhams
Sony 9” Portable DVD DVPFX950 849.00 Dirhams
Toshiba SDP73 9” Portable DVD Player 699.00 Dirhams

If there’s anything else you’re looking to buy, do let us know, we’ll update the prices.