LG G Watch Price in Dubai UAE

LG G Watch Dubai

Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Transformers, are some of the movies, most of us enjoy, even today. Not just because of its story line, but because of the new gizmos that the hero introduces. That’s just in movies. Today what I bring to you, is not fiction but a fantasy that has indeed; come true, presenting the”LG G Watch”. Released on June 25th, this is a stunner in terms of what they have brought together. Let’s look at the details. Shall we? Form Factor- The LG G Watch is Read more […]

Exercise Gadget Garmin Vivofit Price in Dubai

Garmin vivofit Price in Dubai

Health and wellness is the key mantra for a happy living . We a seen a wide revolution has taken place since a decade about the essential and more important factor in all our life that is being healthy . Health is a term which is not achieved paying lump sum amount of money in return . It is a process and the routine which should brought in once own life . There are a numerous articles,book and other sources which are here to help you out to achieve a good  lifestyle . In the modern world Read more […]

Top 5 Projector Screens in Dubai UAE


Projector screen is one of the convenient options for  presentation in offices or just watching a movie at home.Images are displayed on to a surface or a support structure to be viewed by the audience. Numerous option are available namely permanent screens found in movie theatre or non permanent/portable one’s mostly used for business meetings.You can choose according to your requirements or taste. Epson Duet 80-Inch Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen, Portable 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratio Read more […]

Top 5 Portable DVD Players in Dubai UAE


When you are travelling you require compact and portable devices.The Portable DVD’s are best suited when you are on the move and its easy to operate too.You have many brands available in the market but here are some of the top selling products while will be available at your nearby electronic stores. Sylvania SDVD7027 7-Inch Portable DVD Player with Car Bag/Kit, Swivel Screen, USB/SD Card Reader The Sylvania is a portable DVD player which features a 7 inch screen to play your movies or any Read more […]